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Tag: Bug Bounty

A tale of HTML Injection to Account takedown at

# About Exercism Exercism is an online platform that helps people upskill their programming skills through practice and mentoring. They are an open-source organization with over 200 GitHub repositories, thousands of contributors, and a friendly, inclusive community. I came to know about the platform in 2018 when my mentor - Vipin Pavithran asked me to improve my coding skills by practicing on Exercism. Exercism is an amazing platform to learn to code.

Story of My first Bug Bounty

# Intro Hello everyone, it’s been over a month I have shared something on my blog. I was busy with academic stuff and CTFs. But finally, I have decided to take some time to write a post on my first bug bounty. The bug was small and easy to exploit, however, let this be a motivation to all who haven’t yet found their first bug. I found the bug on a jewelry website.